Vocational Education and Training Center

The VET Center at the DABS is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training under license No 2018121458/22.11.2018

VET Center at DABS

The Center for Vocational Education and Training (VETC) at DABS is a young but modern educational institution with an innovative approach in the field of youth and adult education, based on the long experience and traditions of our founders and partners.


The Center is certified to provide training services on the basis of License No. 2018121458 issued in accordance with Art. 22, para. 6 of the Vocational Education and Training Act by decision of the Management Board of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

Learning with us

We are offering high-quality vocational training and qualification for both individuals and groups of learners.


We organize company trainings, business trainings and qualification courses in different thematic areas.


Our highly qualified lecturers have rich practical experience and our trainings are held in modern facilities.


We will search for the best option for you training amongst the variety of courses we offer. Upon request there are also options for custom trainings.

Vocational Education and Training Center at DABS offers vocational training in the following areas:


The graduates of the vocational training courses at DABS VET Center obtain a Certificate of Professional Qualification in the respective profession and specialty. 

Our experts are continually analyzing the dynamics of the required skills in the labor market and offer flexible forms of training that enable learners to acquire the necessary skills for the desired job. 

The Center's expert team continues to develop curricula for new occupations and specialties relevant to the labor market, tailored to the needs of learners and employers. 

Despite the short time of its existence - since the end of 2018, more than 100 people have been trained in the DABS VET Center.


The Greta du Velay supported by Lycée C. et A. Dupuy is a public training organisation gathering 21 educational institutions such as secondary schools, high schools and colleges under the wing of the Ministry of Education. Certified ISO 9001, it exists since 1975. It employs 4 training advisers and 40 trainers delivering around 300.000 training hours per year, welcoming 2000-2500 learners. It is active in the Velay, a rural area in the South of the Auvergne Region. Greta supports small and medium companies in their learning processes : analysis of training needs, delivery of training, evaluation and follow up. Greta is also active for social and vocational inclusion of unemployed, migrants and young adults, through the development of key competences, the preparation to employment and to a variety of certificates and diplomas in many sectors. Thanks to the specialised trainers, courses are provided in various areas such as hospitality, industry, construction, tertiary sector... in response to the local needs. The Greta works in strong partnership with companies, chambers, training funds, sectorial organisations as well as non profit associations and public organisations related to education, training and vocational integration. It is member of the Greta network covering the whole French territory with more than 4000 training locations, making it the biggest training provider in France. The Greta du Velay has a specific transversal department for managing innovative projects dedicated to the improvement of learning.