DABS Founding members

Composing of DABS is a joint initiative of five organisations, including one higher school, a NGO and three enterprises. The cooperation of the founders with a sound capacity in the educational and business sphere as well as the non-governmental sector provides the opportunity to successfully implement a wide range of activities focused on the achievement of DABS’ goals.

 The founders of the association are:

  • International College  Ltd. (IC)

    International College Ltd. (IC)

    International College Ltd. /IC/ is a reputable institution for youth and adult education. Ituses innovative teaching methods andinformation technologies, based on established experience and traditions. IC is a leading VET provider for the tourism and culinary sectors in Bulgaria, with in-depth expertise and experience in curricula development, skills recognition, elaboration of methodological guidelines and development of study paths across VET and higher education, as throughout the years the institution has educated over 6000 trainees in Restauranteering, Food&Beverage and Culinary Arts. Read More
  • Varna University of Management (VUM)

    Varna University of Management (VUM)

    Varna University of Management /VUM/ is an international business school located in Bulgaria where students from over 40 countries receive education in Business and Marketing, IT, Computer Sciences, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. The university ranks high for student internships and international orientation on a European level, and ranks as the number one Bulgarian business school according to prestigious educational rankings such as U- multirank, Best-masters, Eduniversal. Read More
  • International management Institute” (IMI)

    International management Institute” (IMI)

    International Management Institute (IMI) is a non-profit association founded in 1993. It is the founder and a Trustee Board Member of the International University College (www.vumk.eu) within the project of Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht (the Netherlands), supported by the Program for Cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe of the Dutch Government. The association is a successful model for public-private partnership, which unites organizations with a very large activity profile - commercial associations, non-profit organizations and individuals, - sharing the idea for modernization and quality improvement of education and life in accordance with the European development goals. Read More
  • Accounting company

    Accounting company "Inter" Ltd.

    "Inter" Accounting company has offices in Dobrich and Varna and is a specialized financial and consulting company which provides financial accounting consultations and conducts audits in accordance with the Accountancy Act of the Republic of Bulgaria. The services offered by the company include staff selection and recruitment, employee motivation and development, human resources management, accounting and payroll services, trainings. Since its founding in 2006, the company has successfully implemented recruitment projects for Bulgarian and finternational clients from different business ariass as well as financial consulting projects and development of a package of documents for financing companies in the field of tourism, hotels, marketing and trade.
  • “Ecotel” Ltd.

    “Ecotel” Ltd.

    The company is headquartered in Dobrich and specializes in the management of hotels and restaurants, as well as the development of other types of tourism and business activities. The company has existed since 2002 and has built a good image and market position in the tourism sector. It has the necessary capacity to help create and promote new practices, highly efficient products and services in the field of tourism. "Ecotel" Ltd. owns its own hotel base, located in the city of Dobrich, and also provides consulting services in the field of management of tourist sites.
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